Our Staff

Andrea Grimes


Andrea is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). She is a listed provider of Cognitive Processing Therapy, one of three treatments of posttraumatic stress disorder recommended by the VA. Cognitive Processing Therapy is a relatively short-term and intense treatment protocol with significant evidence showing its short- and long-term efficacy. Andrea works mostly with teens and adults on a variety of objectives, including trauma recovery, mood management, healthy relationship skills, grief and loss, stress management, and organizational skills. Clients interested in working toward specific goals may find Andrea to be a good match. She has a background in substance use group treatment, but moved to individual counseling to serve clients seeking a deeper therapeutic connection.

Andrea graduated with her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Bradley University in 2013. Previous to working at Psychiatry & Counseling Associates and The Center for Human Services, she worked in Peoria at the Human Service Center. As a native of rural central Illinois, Andrea is delighted to be able to serve the communities where she grew up.

“I believe therapy should have a sense of forward momentum.  It is a special relationship designed to help the client function better in their real world, and making this journey with a client is a true privilege.”

Andrea is an approved provider with BlueCross-BlueShield and Health Alliance.